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USU Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty Research Interests

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Geology Faculty GPC Cindy Weatbrook

Cindy Weatbrook

Phone: (435) 797-1618


Degrees and Programs

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Lisa Berreau

Lisa Berreau

Research Interests

Light-Induced CO-Releasing Molecules, Synthetic Inorganic, Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Reaction Mechanisms

Dr. Alex Boldyrev

Alexander Boldyrev

Research Interests

Computational Chemistry

Dr. Bob Brown

Bob Brown

Research Interests

Mass Spectrometry, Laser Based Ionization Processes, Instrumentation Development, Time-of-Flight MS

Dr. Tom Chang

Tom Chang

Research Interests

Antibiotic, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Anticancer, Carbohydrate, Anti-Inflammatory

Dr. Bradley Davidson

Bradley Davidson

Research Interests

Organic Chemistry

Dr. Nick Dickenson

Nick Dickenson

Research Interests

Shigella Bacterial Pathogenesis Type Three Secretion System, Biophysical Chemistry, Enzyme Kinetics

Dr. Scott Ensign

Scott Ensign

Research Interests


Dr. David Farrelly

David Farrelly

Research Interests

Physical Chemistry

Dr. Kimberly Hageman

Kimberly Hageman

Research Interests

Environmental Chemistry, Organic Contaminants, Pesticides, Atmospheric Transport, Chemical Fate Modelling

Dr. Alvan Hengge

Alvan Hengge

Research Interests

Phosphatase, Physical Organic Chemistry, Enzymology, Isotope Effects, Enzyme Mechanism

Dr. Joan Hevel

Joan Hevel

Research Interests

PRMT, Protein Arginine Methyltransferase, Arginine Methylation, MMA, ADMA, SDMA, SAM/Adomet

Dr. Ryan Jackson

Ryan Jackson

Research Interests

Bacterial Immunity, CRISPR, Structural Biology, Gene regulation, Protein - Nucleic Acid Interactions

Dr. Sean Johnson

Sean Johnson

Research Interests

RNA Surveillance, RNA Helicases, Structural Biology, X-Ray Crystallography, Protein-Protein Complexes

Dr. Gang Li

Gang Li

Research Interests

Biomimetic catalysis and metalloenzymes, Mechanistic study of transition-metal catalyzed reactions, Small molecule activation by transition metal complexes, Synthetic methods

Dr. Tianbiao Liu

Tianbiao Liu

Research Interests

Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, Batteries, Electrocatalysis, Homogenous Cataysis, Heterogenous Catalysis

Dr. Yi Rao

Yi Rao

Research Interests

Interfacial Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Solar-Driven Chemistry, Photochemistry

Dr. Steve Scheiner

Steve Scheiner

Research Interests

Computational Chemistry

Dr. Lance Seefeldt

Lance Seefeldt

Research Interests

Enzyme Mechanism, N Metabolism, N2 Fixation, Nutrient Capture on Mars, ATP Energy Transduction