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Pre Approvals

To apply for CHEM 4800 with a mentor outside the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, please provide a one-page proposal outlining:
1) Your mentor's name and departmental affiliation,
2) Your supervisor's name and affiliation (many undergraduates work under the supervision of graduate students).
3) Background for the novel project (approximately 1/3 page).
4) Methodology: Specific aims of the project, addressing directly how you will achieve these aims (approximately 1/3 page).
Lastly, send the document to Dr. Joanie Hevel by e-mail:

When your proposal is received it will be reviewed and either approved or you will be asked to make revisions. Once approved (I will send you an email for your records), you need to discuss with your P.I. (principal investigator, i.e. mentor) the number of credits that you will be signing up for and then have your P.I. email me with the following:

  1. A confirmation of the number of credits
  2. A statement that says he/she understands that your participation within the lab will be used to fulfill the requirements of CHEM 4800.

Please be aware that the expectation is that for every 1 credit of CHEM 4800, at least 3hours will be spent in the lab. You will be required to submit a paper at the end of the semester. This is not a trivial paper, but one which is formatted in the style of a peer-reviewed journal article. Samples of such papers can be viewed in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Departmental Office.
Once I have the email from your P.I., bring a filled-out drop/add slip to my office and I will sign you into CHEM 4800 under my supervision (Geri Childs can also do this). If I am not here you can leave it in the acrylic paper holder on my door. I will sign it and let you know by email that it is ready to be picked up.
Your transcript grade with be a reflection of the following:

  1. Your performance in the lab (judged by your P.I.)
  2. The quality of your paper as assessed by your P.I., me, and the Department Head of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Dr. Joanie Hevel