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Seth Lyman

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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research Associate Professor and Bingham Center Director, Uintah Basin Campus

Research Associate Professor

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DialPhone: (435) 722-1740

Educational Background

PhD, Environmental Sciences and Health, University of Nevada, Reno, 2009
Investigation of Atmospheric Mercury Concentrations and Dry Deposition Rates usingEstablished and Novel Methods
BS, Conservation Biology, (Political Science), Brigham Young University, 2004

Teaching Interests

I am interested in environmental science, environmental chemistry, biogeochemistry, and pollutant transport and fate.

Research Interests

I research the detection, emissions (including air-surface exchange), transport, chemistry, and fate of atmospheric contaminants.


Air Quality Person of the Year, 2020

Utah Clean Air Partnership

Researcher of the Year, 2015

Utah State University-Uintah Basin

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            Academic Journal

          • Gustin, M.S, Dunham-Cheatham, S.M, Huang, J., Lindberg, S., Lyman, S., (2021). Development of an Understanding of Reactive Mercury in Ambient Air: A Review. Atmosphere, 12:1, 73.
          • Lyman, S., Holmes, M.L, Tran, H.N, Tran, T., O’Neil, T., (2021). High Ethylene and Propylene in an Area Dominated by Oil Production. Atmosphere, 12:1, 1.
          • Mansfield, M., Lyman, S., (2021). Winter Ozone Pollution in Utah's Uinta Basin is Attenuating. Atmosphere, 12, 4. doi: 10.3390/atmos12010004
          • Lyman, S., Gustin, M.S, (2020). Evaluation of sorption surface materials for reactive mercury compounds. Atmospheric Environment, 242, 117836.
          • Lyman, S., Gratz, L.E, Dunham-Cheatham, S.M, Gustin, M.S, Luippold, A., (2020). Improvements to the accuracy of atmospheric oxidized mercury measurements. Environmental Science \& Technology, 54:21, 13379--13388.
          • Gustin, M.S, Bank, M.S, Bishop, K., Bowman, K., Branfireun, B., Ch\'etelat, John, , Eckley, C.S, Hammerschmidt, C.R, Lamborg, C., Lyman, S., others, , (2020). Mercury biogeochemical cycling: A synthesis of recent scientific advances. Science of The Total Environment, 737, 139619.
          • Gustin, M.S, Dunham-Cheatham, S.M, Zhang, L., Lyman, S., Choma, N., Castro, M., (2020). Use of membranes and detailed HYSPLIT analyses to understand atmospheric particulate, gaseous oxidized, and reactive mercury chemistry. Environmental Science \& Technology
          • Luippold, A., Gustin, M.S, Dunham-Cheatham, S.M, Castro, M., Luke, W., Lyman, S., Zhang, L., (2020). Use of multiple lines of evidence to understand reactive mercury concentrations and chemistry in Hawai’i, Nevada, Maryland, and Utah, USA. Environmental Science \& Technology, 54:13, 7922--7931.
          • Lyman, S., , Mansfield, M., (2020). Strong temporal variability in methane fluxes from natural gas well pad soils. Atmospheric Pollution Research / Elsevier, 11, 1386-1395. doi: 10.1016/j.apr.2020.05.011
          • Lyman, S., Cheng, I., Gratz, L.E, Weiss-Penzias, P., Zhang, L., (2020). An updated review of atmospheric mercury. The Science of the total environment, 707, 135575.
          • Lyman, S., Tran, T., Mansfield, M., Ravikumar, A.P, (2019). Aerial and ground-based optical gas imaging survey of Uinta Basin oil and gas wells. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene, 7:1, 43.
          • Foster, C.S, Crosman, E.T, Horel, J.D, Lyman, S.N, Fasoli, B., Bares, R., Lin, J.C, (2019). Quantifying methane emissions in the Uintah Basin during wintertime stagnation episodes. Elementa, 7:1
          • Lyman, S., Mansfield, M., Tran, H.N, Evans, J.D, Jones, C., O’Neil, T., Bowers, R., Smith, A., Keslar, C., (2018). Emissions of organic compounds from produced water ponds I: Characteristics and speciation. Science of The Total Environment, 619, 896–905.
          • Mansfield, M., Tran, H.N, Lyman, S., Bowers, R.L, Smith, A.P, Keslar, C., (2018). Emissions of organic compounds from produced water ponds III: Mass-transfer coefficients, composition-emission correlations, and contributions to regional emissions. Science of The Total Environment, 627, 860--868.
          • Tran, T., Tran, H., Mansfield, M., Lyman, S., Crosman, E., (2018). Four dimensional data assimilation (FDDA) impacts on WRF performance in simulating inversion layer structure and distributions of CMAQ-simulated winter ozone concentrations in Uintah Basin. Atmospheric Environment, 177, 75--92.
          • Lyman, S., Mansfield, M., (2018). Organic compound emissions from a landfarm used for oil and gas solid waste disposal. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 68:7, 1--6.
          • Zhang, L., Lyman, S., Mao, H., Lin, C., Gay, D.A, Wang, S., Sexauer Gustin, M., Feng, X., Wania, F., (2017). A synthesis of research needs for improving the understanding of atmospheric mercury cycling. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 17:14, 9133–9144.
          • Matichuk, R., Tonnesen, G., Luecken, D., Gilliam, R., Napelenok, S.L, Baker, K.R, Schwede, D., Murphy, B., Helmig, D., Lyman, S., others, , (2017). Evaluation of the Community Multiscale Air Quality Model for simulating Winter Ozone Formation in the Uinta Basin. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres
          • Lyman, S.N, Watkins, C., Jones, C.P, Mansfield, M.L, McKinley, M., Kenney, D., Evans, J., (2017). Hydrocarbon and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes from Natural Gas Well Pad Soils and Surrounding Soils in Eastern Utah. American Chemical Society, doi: 10.1021/acs.est.7b03408
          • Lyman, S., Jones, C., O’Neil, T., Allen, T., Miller, M., Gustin, M.S, Pierce, A.M, Luke, W., Ren, X., Kelley, P., (2016). Automated Calibration of Atmospheric Oxidized Mercury Measurements. Environmental Science & Technology, 50:23, 12921–12927.
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          • Stamenkovic, J., Lyman, S., Gustin, M.S, (2007). Seasonal and diel variation of atmospheric mercury concentrations in the Reno (Nevada, USA) airshed. Atmospheric Environment, 41:31, 6662–6672.
          • Gustin, M.S, Engle, M., Ericksen, J., Lyman, S., Stamenkovic, J., Xin, M., (2006). Mercury exchange between the atmosphere and low mercury containing substrates. Applied Geochemistry, 21:11, 1913–1923.
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                • Lyman, S., (2014). Progress on understanding atmospheric mercury hampered by uncertain measurements. American Chemical Society

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                CHEM 4800 - Research Problems, Summer 2019

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