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Marc Mansfield

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Research Professor and Senior Environmental Modeler

Research Professor

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Office Location: Uintah Basin Campus
DialPhone: (435) 722-1793

Educational Background

PhD, Chemistry, Dartmouth College, 1980
Studies of Equilibrium and Dynamic Properties of Polymers
BA, Physics, University of Utah, 1977


Editors' Choice Award, 2015

Journal of Chemical Physics

Researcher of the Year, 2014

Utah State University Uintah Basin

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            Academic Journal

          • Mansfield, M., Lyman, S., (2021). Winter Ozone Pollution in Utah's Uinta Basin is Attenuating. Atmosphere, 12, 4. doi: 10.3390/atmos12010004
          • Lyman, S., , Mansfield, M., (2020). Strong temporal variability in methane fluxes from natural gas well pad soils. Atmospheric Pollution Research / Elsevier, 11, 1386-1395. doi: 10.1016/j.apr.2020.05.011
          • Lyman, S., Mansfield, M., Tran, H.N, Evans, J.D, Jones, C., O’Neil, T., Bowers, R., Smith, A., Keslar, C., (2018). Emissions of organic compounds from produced water ponds I: Characteristics and speciation. Science of The Total Environment, 619, 896–905.
          • Mansfield, M., Tran, H.N, Lyman, S., Bowers, R.L, Smith, A.P, Keslar, C., (2018). Emissions of organic compounds from produced water ponds III: Mass-transfer coefficients, composition-emission correlations, and contributions to regional emissions. Science of The Total Environment, 627, 860--868.
          • Tran, T., Tran, H., Mansfield, M., Lyman, S., Crosman, E., (2018). Four dimensional data assimilation (FDDA) impacts on WRF performance in simulating inversion layer structure and distributions of CMAQ-simulated winter ozone concentrations in Uintah Basin. Atmospheric Environment, 177, 75--92.
          • Lyman, S., Mansfield, M., (2018). Organic compound emissions from a landfarm used for oil and gas solid waste disposal. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, 68:7, 1--6.
          • Vargas-Lara, F., Hassan, A.M, Mansfield, M.L, Douglas, J.F, (2017). Knot Energy, Complexity, and Mobility of Knotted Polymers. Springer Nature, 7, 13374. doi: DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-12461-w
          • Mansfield, M.L, (2017). Statistical analysis of winter ozone exceedances in the Uintah Basin, Utah, USA. Taylor & Francis, doi: 10.1080/10962247.2017.1339646
          • Lyman, S.N, Watkins, C., Jones, C.P, Mansfield, M.L, McKinley, M., Kenney, D., Evans, J., (2017). Hydrocarbon and Carbon Dioxide Fluxes from Natural Gas Well Pad Soils and Surrounding Soils in Eastern Utah. American Chemical Society, doi: 10.1021/acs.est.7b03408
          • Vargas-Lara, F., Mansfield, M.L, Douglas, J.F, (2017). Universal interrelation between measures of particle and polymer size. Journal of Chemical Physics, 147, 014903.
          • Mansfield, M.L, (2016). Numerical tools for obtaining power-law representations of heavy-tailed datasets. The European Physical Journal B, 89, 16.
          • Mansfield, M.L, Tsortos, A., Douglas, J.F, (2015). Persistent draining crossover in DNA and other semi-flexible polymers: Evidence from hydrodynamic models and extensive measurements on DNA solutions. Journal of Chemical Physics, 143, 124903. doi: 10/1063/1.4930918
          • Mansfield, M.L, (2014). Kerogen maturation data in the Uinta Basin, Utah, USA, constrain predictions of natural hydrocarbon seepage into the atmosphere. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 119, 3460-3475 .
          • Mansfield, M., Douglas, J.F, (2013). Is duplex DNA a swollen random coil?. Soft Matter, 9, 8914-8922 .
          • Mansfield, M.L, Douglas, J.F, (2013). Shape characteristics of equilibrium and non-equilibrium fractal clusters. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 139, 044901.
          • Mansfield, M.L, Hall, C.F, (2013). Statistical analysis of winter ozone events. Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, 6, 687-699.
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                  Scheduled Teaching

                  CHEM 3700 - Introductory Biochemistry, Spring 2019

                  CHEM 3710 - Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory, Spring 2019

                  Graduate Students Mentored