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Off Campus Users

Off campus users that choose to use the Utah State University Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility have two options in terms of data acquisition. Samples can be run by the off campus user or by the NMR manager.

Run by Off campus User

An outside user may be trained by the NMR manager for data acquisition on the instrument of their choice at no charge to the user (other than booked time on the instrument for training). Upon completion of their training, an outside user may then schedule time and use the NMR when desired at the current going rate for the instrument.  For training please contact the NMR manager.

Run by NMR Manager

Data may also be acquired by the NMR manager for an additional charge.  Data will be sent back in standard Bruker format or .pdf.  Data will be acquired during prime hours unless a sample requires long (1+ hr) acquisition time.  In such cases they will be run at off hours.  Large numbers of samples may be run through automation at a discounted additional charge.  Samples sent should be in quality tubes with ~0.65 mL of solvent to ensure a successful locking and shimming.  NMR caps should be compatible with the solvent in the tube. For more information on NMR tubes, solvents, and caps please see NMR Sample Prep 101.

Prepared by NMR Manager

Samples may also be prepared by the NMR manager for an additional cost.  Unprepared samples must be approved before sending.  All samples must be accompanied by predicted MW, acceptable solvents to dissolve the entire sample, and any safety warnings.  All sent samples will be dissolved in 0.65 mL of deuterated solvent and be run using Wilmad economy tube.  If specialty preparation is required, i.e. small sample size or specialized experiment, please contact the NMR manager to discuss options.

All published work using the Utah State University NMR facility must acknowledge the appropriate grants.  Please see the acknowledgements tab for more information.