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The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department currently occupies two adjoining buildings, Maeser Laboratory and Widtsoe Hall. Widtsoe

Hall is a new (2001) 75,000-square-foot facility that houses state-
of-the-art teaching and research laboratories.

Departmental research instrumentation includes a Bruker ARX-400-MHz and a JEOL ECX-300 MHz NMR, both with broadband multinuclear capabilities, and a Bruker EMXplus X-band EPR. The Analytical Sciences Laboratory, equipped by a generous donation from the Shimadzu Corporation, contains a GC-MS, a fast-scan UV-VIS spectrophotometer, and a gradient HPLC system with autosampler and UV-VIS and fluorescence detection.

Individual research laboratories within the department have additional extensive instrumentation, including small-molecule and protein X-ray diffractometers, pulsed-laser spectrometers, MALDI time-of-flight mass spectrometers, FTIR and UV-VIS spectrophotometers, stopped-flow kinetics equipment, and a microcalorimeter.

The department has an electronics shop staffed by a full-time professional. A wood/machine shop is housed within the department, as is a storeroom with an extensive inventory of glassware, chemicals, and other supplies for research and teaching.

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