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Departmental Seminars 2013

Spring 2013

Jan 14 Rylan Lundgren "Developing and Improving C-N Bond Forming Reactions with Transition Metals, Organocatalysts and Photochemistry" Lisa Berreau
Jan 17 Matt Kieber-Emmons "Spin-state and spin-topology contributions to O—O bond cleavage by cytochrome c oxidase" Lisa Berreau
Feb 20 Xingwei Li "Diversity and Selectivity in Palladium- and Rhodium-Catalyzed C-H Activation of Arenes" - Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Siddhartha Das
Mar 6 Gregory Robinson "Carbene-stabilization of Highly Reactive Molecules" - University of Georgia Lisa Berreau
Mar 20 John Dawson "Mechanisms of action of dioxygen- and peroxide-activating heme iron enzymes" - University of South Carolina Lisa Berreau
Mar 27 Adam Wolley "Selective Metallization of DNA Origami Towards Self-Assembled Nanoelectronic Systems" - BYU Tapas Kar
Apr 3 Patrick Farmer "Bioinorganic Perspectives of Redox Active Enzymes" - Baylor University Lisa Berreau
Apr 17 Ray Trievel "Recent Advances in Protein Lysine Methyltransferases" - University of Michigan, Medical School Joanie Hevel

Fall 2013

Aug 28  Klebber Oliveria Summer Intern in Chem & Biochem, USU Lisa Berreau
Sept 18 Paula Diaconescu "Unique advantages of organometallic supporting ligands" - UCLA Siddhartha Das
Sept 25 Joshua Price "Enhancing protein conformational stability via targeted site-specific PEGylation" - BYU Tom Chang
Oct 2 Robert Crabtree "Organometallic Iridium Catalysts for Synthesis and Energy Research: Heteroarene hydrogenation, Stereoretentive Hydroxylation of C-H Bonds and Water Oxidation" - Yale University Siddhartha Das
Oct 9 Jerzy Leszczynski "Toxicity of metal oxides nanomaterials: computational approach." - Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland Tapas Kar
Oct 16 John Denu Newly Discovered Pathways that Regulate Metabolism: Implications for Healthy Aging - University of Wisconsin Alvan Hengge
Oct 23 Viktor Zdankin "Hypervalent Iodine Chemistry" - University of Minnesota, Duluth Alex Boldyrev
Oct 30 Jakob Magolan "Efficient Synthesis Using Heterogeneous Tools" - University of Idaho Tom Chang
Nov 6 Haribabu Arthanari "Targeting the Achilles heel of transcription factors by inhibiting its activator/mediator interactions" - Harvard University Edwin Antony
Nov 13 Chem 4890 Undergraduate Seminar Edwin Antony
Nov 20 Stephen Kowalczykowski Hansen Seminar - UC Davis Edwin Antony
Nov 22 Chem 4890 Undergraduate Seminar Edwin Antony