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Departmental Seminars 2012

Widtsoe 330 (if not stated otherwise), Wednesdays 4-5 pm

Fall 2012

Sept. 5 Rachel Curry Safety Training Department
Sept. 12 Alan Rockwood ARUP Joan Hevel
Sept. 19 Amy Barrios "Chemical Probes put Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity in the Spotlight" - University of Utah Lance Seefeldt
Sept. 26 Aaron Appel "Reduction of CO2 and Oxidation of Formate using Molecular Catalysts" - PNNL Lance Seefeldt
Oct. 3 John Prince "Mass spectrometry based systems biology: challenges for proteomic and lipidomic analyses" - BYU Alvan Hengge
Oct. 10 Tom Chang Promotion Seminar "Bioactive Compounds from Synergy of Chemistry and Biology" Tom Chang
Oct. 17 Sean Johnson Promotion Seminar "Structural Characterization of the Exosome-Activating RNA Helicase, Mtr4" Sean Johnson
Oct. 24 Yun Lu "Study of Enzyme Model Reactions to Assess Physical Features in Enzyme Catalysis." - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Alvan Hengge
Oct. 31 Orlando Acevedo "Development of HIV inhibitors targeting cyclophilin A guided by free energy perturbation calculations" - Auburn University, Auburn AL Joan Hevel
Nov. 7 Randy Lewis "Spider Silk: An Ancient Biomaterial for the Future" - USTAR, USU Alvan Hengge
Nov. 14 Anna Marie Pyle "Structure and Mechanism of Group II Introns: Model Systems For Exploring the Architecture of Long Noncoding RNAs" R. Gaurth Hansen lecturer - Yale University Sean Johnson
Nov. 28   4890 Students Seminar Lance Seefeldt
Dec. 5   4890 Students Seminar Lance Seefeldt

Spring 2012

Feb. 15 Chen Cheng "Asymmetric Synthesis in Contemporary Drug Discovery and Development" - Merck Tom Chang
Feb. 22 Alexander M. Mebel "Photochemically induced cold synthesis of complex organic molecules on Titan and in the interstellar medium". - Florida International University Alex Boldyrev
Feb. 29 Richard Watt BYU Siddhartha Das
Mar. 7 Charles A. Schmuttenmaer Yale University Siddhartha Das
Mar. 21 Angelo Bongiorno "Novel materials for nanoelectronics:
Computational challenges"
Georgia Tech
David Farrelly
Apr. 4 Marc Porter The Richard Olsen Seminar Series Speaker: "Nanoscience Strategies for the Design and Ultra Sensitive Readout of Dense Immunodiagnostic Platforms" - University of Utah Alvan Hengge
Apr. 18   Biochemistry Undergraduate Seminar Sean Johnson
Apr. 27   Biochemistry Undergraduate Seminar Sean Johnson
May 2 Peter Dinolfo "Multilayer Light Harvesting Arrays for Molecular Based Solar Cells" - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Sid Das