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Departmental Seminars 2011

Widtsoe 330 (if not stated otherwise), Wednesdays 4-5 pm

Fall Semester 2011

Sep. 7 Julia Brumaghim Clemson University"The Metals Matter: DNA Damage Prevention by Polyphenol of Antioxidants" Abstract Lisa Berreau
Sep. 14 Patrick Lam Bristol-Myers Squibb Co "Structure-based discovery of Apixaban, a novel Factor Xa inhibitor" Alvan Hengge
Sep. 21 Eckhard Jankowsky Case Western Reserve University "Mutual modulation: how RNA helicase and poly(A) polymerase affect each other in the TRAMP complex." Sean Johnson
Oct. 12 Robert Tabita Hanson Symposium "RubisCO: an enzyme essential for three central metabolic pathways" - Ohio State University Scott Ensign
Oct. 19 Anastassia N. Alexandrova UCLA "Artificial Enzymes: catalysis ahead of Nature" Abstract Alexander Boldyrev
Oct. 26 Steven Castle "New Strategies for the Synthesis of Unusual Peptides and Alkaloids" Tom Chang
Nov. 9 Liang Tong "mRNA processing, degradation and quality control in eukaryotes" Columbia University Sean Johnson
Nov. 29 Gary Brudvig "Water Oxidation Chemistry of Photosystem II and Artificial Systems" Yale University Siddhartha Das
Nov. 30   Biochemistry Undergraduate Seminar Sean Johnson
Dec. 7   Biochemistry Undergraduate Seminar Sean Johnson

Spring Semester 2012

Jan.12   Faculty Candidate Lisa Berreau
Feb.16 Shelley Copley Promiscuous Enzyme Activities and Serendipitous Metabolic Pathways - University of Colorado Joan Hevel
Feb. 23 Wolfgang Jaeger Spectroscopic Investigations of Quantum Solvation: Clusters and Helium Nanodroplets - The University of Alberta David Farrelly
Mar. 2 Eckhard Jankowsky Case Western Reserve University (Seminar rescheduled: new date Sep 21, 2011) Sean Johnson
Mar. 16 Linda Doerrer Putting Metals to Work: Transition Metal Complexes for ElectronTransfer and Electron Transport - Boston University Lisa Berreau
Mar. 23 Mark Mehn University of Wyoming Lisa Berreau
Mar. 30 John Peters Insights into the biosynthesis and evolution of complex iron-sulfur cluster containing hydrogenases and nitrogenases - Montana State University Lance Seefeldt
Apr. 1 Edward Eyring Cutting Carbon Dioxide Levels with Chemical Looping Combustion - University of Utah Stephen Bialkowski
Apr. 6 Robert Igarashi University of Central Florida Lance Seefeldt
Apr. 13 Suzanne Stokes Medicinal chemistry approach to antibacterial DNA ligase inhibitors - AstraZeneca Tom Chang
Apr. 20 students Undergraduate Seminars Joanie Hevel
Apr. 27 Jon Clardy The Olsen Seminar Speaker Brad Davidson