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Seminars 2009

Fall Semester 2009

Sep. 16 Yitzhak Tor "Exploring RNA Recognition Events Using Fluorescent Nucleosides" - UC San Diego Tom Chang
Sep. 30 Gerhard Schenk "GpdQ, an enzymatic bioremediator with an interesting mechanism of action" - University of Queensland, Australia Alvan Hengge
Oct. 7 Ding-Yah Yang "Design & Synthesis of 4-Hydroxycoumarin-based Molecular Switches" - New Mexico State/Tunghai Univ Tom Chang
Oct. 14 Joe Jarrett "Biotin Synthase: A Novel Role for FeS Clusters in Generating New C-S Bonds" - University of Hawaii Lance Seefeldt
Oct. 21 Jacqueline K. Barton The Olsen Seminar Speaker "DNA - mediated Signaling" - California Institute of Technology Lisa Berreau
Oct. 28 Joanie Hevel Tenure seminar:"Protein arginine methyltransferase I: diverse biological roles, varied substrate profile, and complex product formation" Department
Nov. 4 Akif Tezcan UC San Diego Lance Seefeldt
Nov. 11 John Lawson Phoenix PharmaLabs Brad Davidson
Nov. 18 Scott Strobel Hansen Symposium Seminar "RNA Catalysis: Ribozymes, Ribosomes and Riboswitches" - Yale University Scott Ensign

Spring Semester 2010

Jan. 9 Stanislaw Ostrowski "meso-TETRAARYLPORPHYRINS - SYNTHESIS OF, SELECTIVE DERIVATIZATION, AND POSSIBILITIES OF APPLICATION" Institute of Chemistry, University of Podlasie, Siedlce, Poland Tom Chang
Jan.14 Steve Castle "New Strategies for the Synthesis of Unusual Peptides and Alkaloids."BYU Tom Chang
Jan. 28 Ed Rosenberg "Tuning Photophysical Properties with ancillary Ligands in Ru(II) Mono-Diimine Complexes" - University of Montana Lisa Berreau
Feb.4 Norbert Reich "Mechanisms of Epigenetic Enzymes" University of California, Santa Barbara Joanie Hevel
Feb.11 Artem Masunov "DFT-based Methods in Design of Two Photon Operated Molecular Switches" University of Central Florida Alex Boldyrev
Feb.25 Juan J. Novoa "Long distance bonds in the solid and in solutions" University of Barcelona, Spain Alex Boldyrev
Mar.4 Jixun Zhan "Discovery and Biosynthesis of Natural Anticancer Agents" USU, Dept of Biological & Irrigation Engineering Alvan Hengge
Mar. 25 Paul Fitzpatrick "Catalytic and Regulatory Mechanisms of Tyrosine Hydroxylase" Texas A&M University Joanie Hevel
Apr. 1 George Bodner "Eternal Verities: How To Make Your Students Hate You Less If Not Necessarily Love You More"
Purdue University
Lance Seefeldt
Apr. 8 Hua Guo "Quantum dynamics of complex-forming reactions" University of New Mexico David Farrelly
Apr. 15 Markus Ribbe "Nitrogenase - A paradigm for metallocluster assembly" UC Irvine Lance Seefeldt
Apr. 22 Mark Bedford "Using Proteomic Approaches to Understand Protein Methylation" University of Texas Joannie Hevel