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Working in a Lab

Start EARLY, don't wait until your junior year!

Undergraduate researchers usually start out in a laboratory as laboratory technicians, performing tasks such as washing dishes, autoclaving, and performing library searches. As the students become more comfortable in the lab, duties begin to shift toward procedures such as a novel synthesis, electrophoresis or simple reactions. Once enough technical expertise is achieved, students can move on to a research project. The earlier you start, the sooner you will be ready to tackle you own project.
Undergraduates don't just get experience, many of them get published!
Many of our undergraduates complete enough work to be listed as one of the authors on a research paper--and if you really work hard you could be the first author!

How do you find an undergraduate position?

Look over the "Research" page, find an area of research that interests you. Call, e-mail or stop by a professor's office to inquire about a position. Also check with Student Employment on campus.

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