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Degree with Honors

Dr. Steve Scheiner is the Undergraduate Honors Advisor.

Jamie KingsfordStudents who have been admitted to the Honors Program and completed all required paperwork may complete an Honors degree. The Honors notation will appear on student's transcript and diploma.

A full description of USU Honors Program can be found here.  There are several ways for Chemistry and Biochemistry majors who have been admitted to the Honors Program to earn Honors Practical Application Points from activities within the department.  These include:

  • Course contracts in upper division courses (3000-level or above)
  • Contracts for research, scholarship, or other projects
  • Internship contracts

For details and more information see the departmental honors advisor or consult the University Honors Program Contract and Practical Application Handbook, which can be found on the hours website. For a direct link to USU Honors Program CLICK HERE.