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Ryan Jackson

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Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Educational Background

PhD, Biochemistry, Utah State University, 2012
Structural and Functional Characterization of the Essential RNA Helicase Mtr4
BS, Cellular Molecular Biology/Biology, (Chemistry (minor) Portuguese (minor)), Utah State University, 2005

Licensures & Certifications

Winter School CryoEM Workshop, Arizona State University, 2017
Workshop on Cryo-EM Modeling Based on X-ray Crystallography, Beckman Institute, 2014
X-ray Methods in Structural Biology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2013


I use structural biology and biochemistry to study molecular machines that regulate gene expression.

Teaching Interests

I teach biophysical principles and critical thinking skills required for life-science careers. I teach in face-to-face classrooms, during hands-on undergraduate research, and in integrative teaching labs. I am interested in teaching a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses covering a variety of topics that include Biophysical Chemistry, and CRISPR-based technologies. I am also interested in developing coursework that fosters interdisciplinary collaborations.

Research Interests

We use biophysical, structural, and biochemical techniques to study the structure and function of biological systems that regulate gene expression. We are currently studying how prokaryotes defend against foreign nucleic acid invaders with sophisticated CRISPR adaptive immune systems. Our research is currently focussed on understanding the structure and function of a newly discovered CRISPR system called type-IV.


NIH (NIGMS) Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, 2014

National Institutes of Health

X-ray Methods in Structural Biology Course Scholarship, 2013

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Thomas F. Emery Research Scholar, 2011

Dept. of Chem and Biochem Utah State University

Graduate Student Senate Enhancement Award, 2010

Graduate Student Senate - Utah State University

Marjorie H Gardner Teaching Award, 2009

Dept. of Chem and Biochem Utah State University

Center for Integrated Biotechnology Research Student Grant (CIBR) , 2007

Utah State University

B.S. Cum Laude, 2005

Utah State University

Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities Grant (URCO), 2004

Utah State University

John R. Simmons Endowed Scholarship, 2001

Dept. of Biology - Utah State University

Dr. Joseph E. Greaves Memorial Scholarship, 2001

College of Science - Utah State University

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                    Scheduled Teaching

                    CHEM 4800 - Research Problems, Spring 2017

                    CHEM 5070 - Biophysical Chemistry, Fall 2016

                    Graduate Students Mentored

                    Hannah Taylor, Chemistry & Biochemistry, December 2016