Many USU students have gone on to earn upper level positions in industry and biotechnology. As such these alumni represent a wonderful avenue for our present students to gain access to internships in a variety of settings. Companies include ISIS pharmaceuticals, Cognate Therapeutics and Stratagene.

Dr. Ned Weinshenker, an adjunct faculty member in our department, is actively seeking internship opportunities at companies in Cache Valley and elsewhere in Utah.

For more information on what interns do and where you can find an internship, contact Dr. Weinshenker at

Dr. Weinshenker also maintains a blog at where you can find internship information.

Web Sites for Undergraduate Internships and Research Programs

Apply for the Chemistry and Biochemistry Summer Internship Program! For more information click here or contact Nick Dickenson at

These are just a few, go to and type in "summer science internship"; also the NIH funds Research
Experience for Undergraduate programs at Universities across the country called REUs.