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Tianbiao Liu

Assistant Professor

Jim Albee

Chemistry Stores Manager

Edwin Antony

R. Gaurth Hansen Assistant Professor Biochemistry

Nelson G.C. Astrath, PhD

Visiting Professor in Stephen Bialkowski's lab

Ann E. Aust

Professor Emeritus Biochemistry

Steve D. Aust

Professor Emeritus Biochemistry

Luis Miguel Azofra Mesa

Research Assistant in Tapas Kar's and Steve Scheiner's lab

  • Office: Maeser Lab 275, 277

Buckley E Banham

IT, Electronics and Instrumentation Specialist

Lisa M. Berreau

Professor Inorganic Chemistry

Mohammed Parvez I Bhuiyan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Leo Chen's lab

Stephen E. Bialkowski

Professor Analytical Chemistry

Alexander I. Boldyrev

Professor Physical Chemistry

Robert S. Brown

Associate Professor Analytical Chemistry

Cheng-Wei Tom Chang

Professor Organic Chemistry

Liaohai Leo Chen

USTAR Professor

  • Phone: (435) 797-8626
  • Office: Widtsoe 024/USTAR BioInnovations Center L315

Geri Child

Office Manager

Mike Christiansen

Assistant Professor, Uintah Basin Campus

Debora Costa

Doctoral student in Alvan Hengge's lab

  • Office: Widtsoe 311

Mariana A.F. Costa

Visiting Scientist in Alvan Hengge's lab

Visiting Scholar in Hengge's lab

Bradley S. Davidson

Associate Professor Associate Department Head Organic Chemistry

Nicholas E Dickenson

R. Gaurth Hansen Assistant Professor Biochemistry

Simon B.S. Duval, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Lance Seefeldt's lab

Scott A. Ensign

Professor Biochemistry

David Farrelly

Professor Physical Chemistry

Jianhua (Ann) Gong, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Leo Chen's lab

Qingjuan Guo

Visiting Research Assistant in Lance Seefeldt's lab

  • Office: Widtsoe 230

Douglas Harris


Alvan C. Hengge

DEPARTMENT HEAD, Professor Organic Chemistry

Department Head

Joan M. Hevel

Associate Professor Biochemistry

John L. Hubbard

Associate Emeritus Professor Inorganic Chemistry

Sean Johnson

Associate Professor Biochemistry

Tapas Kar

Research Assistant Professor Computational Chemistry

Emile Kasende, PhD

Visiting scholar in Steve Scheiner's lab

John Lawson

Visiting Scientist in Tom Chang's lab

Xin Liu

Visiting Scholar Sun Lab

Richard Logsdon

Glass blower

Baliram Lone, PhD

Vising Scholar in Tapas Kar's lab

  • Office: Maeser Lab 272, 277

Gustavo Vinicius Bassi Lukasievicz

Visiting Scholar in Stephen Bialkowski's lab (till March 2013)

William M. Moore

Professor Emeritus Physical Chemistry

Margo Morgan

Business Manager

Mark Noirot

Faculty: Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Utah State University Eastern, Blanding Campus

Hyoungil Oh, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Leo Chen's Lab

  • Phone: 435 787 8604
  • Office: Widtsoe 014

Hyoung's current research focuses on different characteristics of mitochondrial activity between cancer cells and normal cells, supported by NIH.

Vernon D. Parker

Professor Emeritus Organic Chemistry

Maury Shae Root

Administrative Assistant, Graduate Program Coordinator

Steve Scheiner

Professor Computational Chemistry

Lance C. Seefeldt

Professor Biochemistry

Shing Wo Simon Sham

NMR Facilities Manager

Yujie Sun

Assistant Professor

Rajashabala Sundram, PhD

Vising Scholar in Tapas Kar's lab

Brad Wahlen, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Lance Seefeldt's lab

John Weber

Assistant Professor, Utah State University Eastern

Bo You, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Dr. Yujie Sun laboratory

Vitor Santeella Zanuto

Visiting CAPES Scholar in Stephen Bialkowski's lab

  • Office: Widtsoe 002

Weiqiao Zeng, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Leo Chen's lab

  • Phone: 435 797 8604
  • Office: Widtsoe 014

Ronglan Zhang, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in Lisa Berreau's lab

Alexander Zvekov, PhD

Visiting Scholar in Stephen Bialkowski lab

  • Office: Widtsoe 002