Outcomes Data


The department uses multiple measures to assess outcomes, both in the department’s assessment of students and in its assessment of the program.

Assessment of students is accomplished by using:

  Student performance in courses

  Student course evaluations using the IDEA system (http://www.usu.edu/aaa/evaluations_all.cfm)

  Year-over-year comparisons of a comprehensive assessment exam given to seniors in the Chem 4990 capstone course.

  Course by course assessments: view here


Assessment of the program is accomplished by using:

College of Science Senior Exit Survey: (http://www.usu.edu/science/htm/senior-exit-survey)

2010 Self-study view here and External Regents Review view here

Response to Regents review: view here

Degrees awarded (as reported to American Chemical Society) view here

Current positions of recent MS and PhD graduates from the department: (http://www.chem.usu.edu/htm/alumni/alumni)