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Mike Christiansen

Mike Christiansen

Associate Professor, Uintah Basin Campus


Mike has over 10 years of research experience, which includes a PhD in organic chemistry from Brigham Young University and postdoctoral work in biosynthetic investigation. His research program centers on methodological development and total synthesis with a focus on transition metal chemistry. Mike’s passion is teaching, which he strives to do in a way that makes chemistry accessible. Instead of baffling students with technical jargon that they haven’t yet fully assimilated, he tailors his lessons to make chemistry fun, enjoyable, and applicable to real life.

Chemistry is a fundamental science devoted to studying the
near-infinite number of physical interactions that occur all around and inside of us. This field is essential for anyone interested in pursuing scientific, engineering, or medical careers. Organic chemists, in particular, are the scientists in charge of inventing new medicines. With proper accreditation, students with bachelor’s degrees in chemistry can enjoy lucrative careers as industry researchers or public educators. Chemists who have more advanced degrees can teach in community colleges or universities, or they can work as industry research leaders, business professionals, patent attorneys, or political advisors.