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Various unique NMR acquisition items are available for rent from the USU Magnetic Resonance Facility to aid in your research.  Rentals cost $1.00 for every 3 days and must be returned cleaned, dried, and free of any contamination. Any broken or lost items will be charged to the renter at current replacement prices. High quality NMR tubes may be purchased from ChemStores.

 Item MHz Rating Part Number 
 Heavy Walled 5mm 7” NMR Tube 500  522-PP
 Micro Tube 3 mm 7” NMR Tube 400  NE-H3-7
 Coaxial Stem Insert ; Stem OD 2mm x 50 mm; Stem Volume 60 uL; outer volume 530 uL 500  NE-5-CIC
 Shigemi CDCl3 matching tube 300  CMS-005TJ
 Shigemi CDCl3 matching tube 500  CMS-005TB
 Amber 8” NMR Tube – coming soon 500  Coming soon
 Quarts 8” NMR Tube – coming soon 500  Coming soon