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Outcomes data

One measurable outcome of our graduate program are publications in academic journals co-authored by graduate students.  Publications provide the basis for a resume that will help a student obtain a high quality position after graduation.  The number of publications with graduate student co-authors for the past five years is as follows:

2011   34

2012   37

2013   33

2014   33

2015   30

A list of publications with graduate student co-authors from 2011 through mid-2016 generated from the university’s Digital Measures database can be found here.

Reaching the desired goal of employment (or subsequent entry into a PhD program for some MS students) is one indicator of success of the graduate program.  We attempt to ascertain the professional destinations of our MS and PhD graduates and are usually able to determine their immediate position after graduation, although contact diminishes over time.  A web site with current positions of recent graduates from our doctoral and masters programs is maintained here.